The Role Of The International Declaration Of Human Rights

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The effects of Globalization has created the need for international cooperation in the interest of protecting individuals human rights around the globe. This has lead to the existence of multiple international organizations, who’s primary aims are focused on improving the rights of every individual around the world.

United Nations

The United Nations (UN) established in San Fransico in 1945, was founded by leaders from around the world, to replace the League of Nations which had failed its primary purpose of preventing the Second World War. (Wikipediaorg, 2016)

The UN created a charter which outlines some guiding principles regarding human rights which include, “faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person,
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The Declaration provides a legal framework for which human rights amongst nations can be agreed, through a common statement of mutual aspirations. (Uopeopleedu, 2016)

The declaration provided a consensus statement of principle from which two draft conventions were formed and approved, “The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)”. Collectively the ICCPR, ICESCR and UDHR make the International Bill of Human Rights, which contains conventions for member states to adopt and enforce by law. Nations often use the conventions as a bartering tool, to formalize relations and mutual obligations with one another. (Uopeopleedu, 2016)

The UN provides protection of human rights
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Much needed food, protection, medicines, and medical services will be distributed to those in need.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Henry Dunant founded the ICRC in 1863, to provide assistance to wounded soldiers with the notion that there should an “international principle, sanctioned by a Convention inviolate in character, which, once agreed upon and ratified, might constitute the basis for societies for the relief of the wounded in the different European countries ?” (Icrcorg, 2016)

Henry was also responsible for creating the first Geneva Convention, the first document of humanitarian law. I am sure that Henry would be very proud to know that his organization has grown to include the Red Cresent Movement, which combined, has 80 million people working in its humanitarian network providing help in the following areas. (Icrcorg, 2016)

· Help prevent crimes of sexual violence
· Build respect for the law – Reminding others of legal
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