The Role Of The Criminal Justice System

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The aim of this project is to analyse the current Criminal Justice System and determine whether the system is in need of reform. Some positives aspects that merit the current system will first be explored. Areas of the Criminal Justice System that are in need of reform will then be identified. The areas of the system that have been identified and put forward, needing reform, will be discussed, and will also be supported by academic opinion.
The Criminal Justice System is a public service in the United Kingdom. Together the police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Courts, prisons and probation work together to reach their main aim of delivering justice and to protect the public. Justice is delivered by prosecuting and punishing criminals, but also by offering methods of reforming and rehabilitating criminals, in order to prevent them from re-offending. The Criminal Justice System also holds the responsibility of; detecting crime and bringing to justice, any group or individual they possess evidence on, of
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The police are involved in the early stages of a crime. The crime is reported to the police through contacting the emergency services. For less serious non emergency crimes citizens are urged to contact their local police force. The next step involves the police conducting an investigation into the crime. It is at this step that they aim to identify suspects and question them. Once the investigation is complete the police can charge the suspect, release them with an summon to return on another date or release them without charge. They are also able to deal with the suspect using an out-of-court disposal, some of these include: a caution, a conditional caution, a penalty notice or a fixed penalty notice. For underage offenders between the ages of 10 to 17 a reprimand, a final warning or a penalty notice can be
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