The Role Of Stay At Home Dads?

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Staying at home and taking care of the children, whose role between husband and wife is it? It has always been the women who stayed home and took care of the children. Who is to say that the father staying at home and the mother entering the workforce is not okay. With this day and age the amount of fathers staying home taking care of children is increase. Of course with a change a parenting roles it can have an affect on the family dynamics. Culture and society to help create these stigmas and roles that women are to stay home while the men are the breadwinners of the family. In some cultures the sbad staying at home isn’t something that is socially accepted or something that is a common thing. So, a change of dynamic may cause problems between…show more content…
Is there is a social stigma about stay at home fathers? In 1970, according to the Huffington Post, around five or six men would say they are stay at home parents. Just last year 1.9 billion men remained at home with their children (Shifflett, 2015 ). So are the parenting roles changing, if they are isn’t it a good thing? Even though some people think that women should be able to work even if they are mothers what is there opinion on fulltime stay at home dads? In some causes the father willingly stays home while the wife goes to work, but other hand the husband stay at home because the have been laid off. It shouldn’t be an issue that men are becoming stay at home full time dads, instead it allows a role swap that can be very beneficial to both parents. Mom gets to go out be the breadwinner and dad does all the things mom usually does. With this role change, both are able to appreciate each other’s important role in their family dynamic. Being a stay at home mother is harder than it sounds, so if the roles were to be swapped there would be a greater respect for each other’s contribution. Just because you are a stay at home parent doesn’t mean that you have you give up on your dreams and things you love to do. Staying at home you still have to work from of so things that you like. The way that others view a stay at home dad could affect how that father may see himself as well…show more content…
Attributes like unemployment is a major reason for this increase in stay at home fathers but some fathers willingly stay at home to take care of the children. This gives women the opportunity to work and possibly pursue the jobs that they want. Staying home allows more time that is dedicated to spending time with their children , but it could also mean that income could be significantly less than what it would be if both parents were working. Even outside of parenting there are social stigmas about what type of work men and women are more likely to have and jobs that people think that women are more suited for. What is deemed as a norm in society can have an effect on parenting roles too. Men aren’t supposed to stay at home while their wife goes to work and provides for the family. The Family Systems Theory defines role of a good mother and father. So if a mother and father don’t fit the definition are they not good parents? When the wife is the one who is bringing in majority of the income it can put a dent in the male ego. They may start to see themselves as worthless to their family because they are doing what they are ‘supposed to’ to. When there are thoughts like these it can cause conflict in the
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