The Role Of Sports In Sports

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“A leader can be described as a first or principal performer of a group. Somebody who has commanding authority or influence, for whoever they represent”. Whether it be a party, or a team, or even a country”. (House, 2). A best example of a good leader can be seen in one who has participated in organized sports. Sports allow one to step up and lead by example. Sports have played a dynamic role in leadership both from the past and the present. People who have been involved or are currently involved in a sport are taught to be effective leaders. Athletes learn to be strong individuals who motivate their team to achieve a goal. People who participate in organized sports become better leaders because they learn compromise, learn unity, and learn to achieve certain goals.
Playing a sport provides for participants with opportunities such as the development of great work ethic, and the drive to succeed. When athletes are performing in their sport, each individual have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and that is success. Sports as well as other hobbies, teach as that hard work can pay off. With that in mind, athletes are motivated to put hard work and dedication to accomplish a goal that they have set. Motivation is the key and the first step athletes have to take in order to see a positive effect in their performance. Sports have a great impact on each individual athlete because, sports allow participants to go above and beyond. Athletes inspire others to achieve a desired goal, because of their level of commitment, hard work and dedication.
Compromising is taught in sports because, sports allow individuals to work together for a common goal. Through compromise, each individual athlete will...

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“ Learning to cooperate with others toward a common goal in sports is what builds character, friendship and important life skills.” (Harle, 1). Athletes are taught to cooperate with their teammates. In sports, all athletes are devoted to have a great performance and the drive to win. Working together as a team is what leads to championships and most of all friendships among one another. From sports, all athletes are able to learn different life skills by working together, such as improving their social skills and working together to become better leaders.
In essence, organized sports have a positive affect on athletes. Athletes are able to learn what hard work is and be determined to put effort in every task they perform. From sports, athletes can learn teamwork and see improvement both in their athletic career and also in their everyday life.
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