The Role Of Social Welfare Policy

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It has been suggested by social science experts that in order to understand the role and importance of social policy in our society, the term social welfare must be explored. Social policy refers to the levels of interaction between government and society to focus on social welfare and social wellbeing. Furthermore, the primary purpose of government social policy is social welfare (Midgley, 2009, p. 5). Certainly, social welfare plays a main role when examining government's social policy course of actions. In social work, the terms social policy and social welfare are combined to form the term social welfare policy. Therefore, this paper aims to explore definitions of social welfare policy, social models and its services, as well as social…show more content…
The belief that social welfare was only designed for the poor, shaped my way of thinking about social welfare policy. Tussing's article; however, made me aware that the United Stated welfare system is divided in two parts, public assistance and social insurance. As noted by Tussing (YEAR), public assistance programs are tremendously stigmatized because they serve the "poor," as for social insurance programs, stigma does not exist and does not affect "non-poor" people (p.50). To me, social insurances programs were not part of the U.S welfare system. Growing up, the term social welfare was mainly associated with cash assistance and Food Stamps, and social insurance as "earned benefits." Midgley and Tussing articles added knowledge of social welfare policy definition, social welfare models, and more importantly, a deep understanding of the social stigmatization on public assistance programs and social insurance
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