The Role Of Security In Crime Prevention

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The security industry has experienced vast growth within the past two decades that has thrown it into the public arena as a topical issue. The significant growth in security industry has brought forth the private security as a great contributor to its growth, in which the private sector has embraced an active role in numerous areas of loss prevention and crime (Fischer, Halibozek & Walters, 2012). Security industry just like any other profession is governed and controlled by fundamental principles, which give direction to matters relating to security and loos prevention. These fundamental principles of security and loss prevention include organizing, managing and planning of an organization’s security program in order to control and prevent…show more content…
Security officers should exercise an active role in spearheading crime prevention and loss prevention by undertaking various mitigation actions that are essential in preventing crime and loss of property. Public or private security should assess the risky situation in their area of operation that could possibly lead to crime or loss of property and come up with the possible solutions to avoid them. Moreover, installation of the vital crime prevention system is instrumental role towards tracking any incidence of crime and barring others from taking place (O’Block, Donnermeyer & Doeren, 1991). Policing is another important role of security in crime prevention that entails sensitizing members of the public, on the need to reporting crimes or any suspicious acts that could lead to possible crime, and taking an active role in preventing crime. The security should pursue security issues with a lot of steadfastness by assessing and carrying out thorough investigation on the reported crimes to deter and prevent future crimes (O’Block, Donnermeyer & Doeren, 1991). Private security should also take an upper hand in crime prevention through guarding, patrolling and reporting the suspicious crimes to the justice enforcement systems. Additionally there should be reforms in the security legislation that can strengthen the powers of the…show more content…
This phenomenon of fire breakouts has stirred up the question on what should be the role of security in fire prevention. Fire prevention entails of detection of fire causatives (process hazards, combustible liquids, structure fires, natural gas, electrical hazards etc) and putting in place the prevention measures in the given setting, so as to assure life safety and prevention of property loss (Craighead, 2009). The state, federal and local government should enforce security legislations that are there to prevent and mitigate fire occurrences, so as to avoid the huge losses due to
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