The Role Of Religion In The Lamentation With Saints And A Donot

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Throughout the Renaissance, religion played a large role in the society. It was very common to make Christian-related paintings, for example, the crucifixion of the Christ or lamentations in late medieval Christ paintings at that time in order to spread the religion . Further explored by André Malraux, it is known within this period that art was made intentionally to tell a story, depicting a civilization through fiction, whereas their aesthetic value takes second place. One example that related to this argument is “The Lamentation with Saints and a Donor” by Bartolommeo Di Giovanni, a late Renaissance painting, made around 1480 – 1510 CE, a piece found in one ofs one of the collections at thein Art Gallery of Ontario Museum. This piece depicts…show more content…
This was made to provide the growing number of middle class patrons, in northern Europe or over the region. Open-air markets and workshops became common to feature artworks and trading activities. Similar piece including a donor made in this period is Triptych with Lamentation over Christ with Donors and Saints made by a Netherlandish artist, and was made for a family chapel. Hence, The Lamentation with Saints and a Donor portrays the conventional culture behavior from the year it was made. Supporting Malraux’s excerpt, the painting is representing a part of civilization in the Northern Renaissance era.
In conclusion, through the exploration with Malraux’s lens, as one of the painting themes made in Northern Renaissance, Italian in specific, around fifteenth century, The Lamentation with Saints and a Donor portrays a common subject of art caused by Christian influence, which narrates popular biblical stories, and made intentionally as either a story of the Christ or the patron him/herself through his/her fictionalized depiction with the Christ, while, contrasting to Malraux’s excerpt, the aesthetic values are equal as one of the aims in art with the realistic development throughout