The Role Of Power In Gilead's Tale

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In a world where men can create their own heaven by stripping away the rights of others is known to have an enormous amount of power. This power was used to create a world which is known as Republic of Gilead, a society that defies equality by stripping away people’s rights and name in order to establish a more sustainable society. The founder of Gilead, which is the Commander began to build a totalitarian society because of the low reproduction rate, causing him to assign women to certain roles in order to keep the population arise. This leaves the Commander to imprison all the women in Gilead into becoming sex objects in order to reproduce for increasing the population for society.
People who live in Gilead are trapped because of the strict
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He starts off his days by bullying his wife Delia when she tries to work for the white-folks. Syke proceeds to threaten her with a whip because he doesn’t like how she washes the white-folks clothes for money. Their relationship has always been rough because two months after their marriage, Syke beats her for the first time and that’s when everything went downhill. He does not appreciate about the life he has and how lucky he is to have a wife that is a hard worker. Syke is disrespectful and no one in the village likes him because of they way he treats Delia. He cheats on her, wastes her hard-earning money, and worst of all, beating the woman that he is married to. The way that Syke has been functioning seems to be abusing his powers because he’s a man.
The reason why Syke harms Delia was because he wanted to be the one in charge of the relationship. He wants to claim superiority that would allow him to do anything he wants without raising any eyebrows. The way he acts around her is very selfish and highly because all she does is work so he doesn’t have to worry about her going anywhere. The way Syke thinks is more about how he can entertain himself while not needing to work for the white-folks. That is why he is always seen gone from his house cheating on another woman because his wife is doing the white-folks dirty
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