The Role Of Police Officers

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Given the nature of the job being a police officer is tedious and dangerous work. Officers have to be on edge all the time because being careless can mean someone losing their life. In the work of policing there is no such thing as a routine patrol; one day they could get called up for civil service and the other day it could be chasing a criminal whose selling drugs to young teenagers. The job of police officers is not easy because a small error can weigh not only on one individual but the whole police department. In the recent years policing have taken great criticism and it usually overshadows the hard service they do for communities around the country. Social media has a great influence in the depiction of police officers. The fact is police officers don’t go out shooting their guns around and those that do, do it with deep discretion. What many fail to acknowledge is that police officers are constantly under extreme stress, experience dangerous situations, and have to make split second decisions. There are many factors which affect the level of stress…show more content…
Let say an officer goes on a routine patrol and spot a suspicious person walking in the streets and the suspect gets pulled over but at that split second he reaches into his pocket. At this moment police officers are responsible to make the decision whether to pull their gun out and shoot. The decision could spark an outrage or save their life. With so much at stake the margin of error is big. There have been tests in where citizens have the chance to playout the role of a police officer. This test proved that an everyday citizen took could not handle the decision to shoot or not to shoot. The results were that many citizens ended up killing many unarmed suspects. This clearly proves that police officers decision whether to shoot or not to shoot are carried out at the most professional

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