The Role Of Pharmacists

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After reading the articles, it is clear that pharmacists play a critical role in improving the health of patients. In my opinion, pharmacists are fundamental in terms of how successful patient centered medical homes (PCMHs) are by optimizing medication management, thus increasing medication adherence, safety, and quality of care. In PCMHs, pharmacists play a vital role in community and population health by educating the public on medication safety policies and collaborating with other healthcare teams to improve quality of care.
I learned that there are many issues with the prescription medication system. Drugs are frequently prescribed for chronic conditions, however, the documentation of all drugs being taken is often inaccurate or incomplete. A majority of drug therapy issues are a result of prescriber decision-making that results in prescribing a drug that is not appropriate, safe, or effective to a patient. Discrepancies also occur with drug regimens when patients transition between different care facilities. Pharmacists can resolve all of these issues with ease, and I believe that this is one of their key roles.
Although pharmacists are accessible and knowledgeable, they are rarely used in the current healthcare model.
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In a majority of our classes, we have discussed the importance of effective communication and how it can impact patient care. One of the core aspects of working well in teams is effective communication. In my opinion, this is one of the most vital aspects in PCMHs. Healthcare professionals must work together as a team to deliver optimal care. Every healthcare professional is able to contribute a vast array of knowledge about their field, therefore, pharmacists have a vital role on the medical team because they will be the ones to make the best medication