The Role Of Oppression In Education

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Our education system is flawed, structural inequality is embedded within schools, individual with intersecting identities are deeply marginalized. People of color are affected by the operation of interrelated domains of power. Education system is a site where oppression occurs. In this essay, I will discuss my lived experiences focusing on two themes: educational injustice, and the role of intersections of gender, race, and class. Educational injustice and Oppression This essay deconstructs the forms of subordination that pervade our educational system. First of all, it is important to conceptualize oppression in education system. Oppression involves “institutional control, ideological domination, and the imposition of the dominant group’s culture on the minoritized group” (Sensoy, 2012, p. 29).…show more content…
When I emigrated to Canada, I used to be bullied based on my ethnicity, immigration status, and socio-economic location. I was vulnerable to bullying and required multiple levels of protection, which was not provided by the school. Schools should have a duty to provide and foster a safe and inclusive learning environment, free from discrimination. I did not regard school as a safe space. Minority students come with an early disadvantage, this hinders their success. Schools should provide “therapeutic” spaces where students can go to work though their trauma resulting from harassment and discrimination; “to receive the affirmation provided by support groups and to come to know and accept who they are by learning about their differences” (Kumashiro, 2002, pg. 35). Supportive programs, and other resources did not simply exist. My parents often perceive school as safe haven, providing safe spaces, especially for those students targeted by the forms of
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