The Role Of Men In Nursing

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Nursing is a demanding, yet rewarding profession. Whether as a floor nurse, a clinic nurse, or a nurse case manager, there is an immediate thought of respect when hearing about a person who takes on this position. However, another thought that immediately comes to mind is that the nurse is a woman. This occupation has been held predominantly by females for more than a century, so it’s a natural assumption. In 1970 only about 2.7 percent of registered nurses were men and as of 2011 that increased to 9 % (U.S. Census Bureau). Men are equally as capable to take on the position of a nurse, but it’s an interesting question to ask why they’ve never committed to the field of nursing as much as women have. With such a high demand for this career, specific efforts or policies to attract them to pursue this career path would be potentially helpful in meeting these strains. In order to come up with any policies, a true understanding as…show more content…
Having a role model is vital in not only having someone that is similar to you to learn from, but it can possibly help increase one’s self-efficacy in achieving a certain task. To remedy these challenges, nursing schools should consider having a certain ratio of male faculty members, including counselors, to male students. Nursing schools should be careful in how they recruit male faculty and staff to avoid discriminating against hiring female employees. If hiring male employees proves challenging for schools, Brady and Sherrod (2003) suggested an interesting alternative to offer male role models for male nursing students by proposing a mentoring relationship with males who have already graduated or a male nurse at a local health care facility. All in all, as long as there is some sort of mentor available, it can make these men feel that they are not alone and outnumbered while pursuing their nursing