The Role Of Medical Assistants

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The healthcare field is a large organization filled with individuals that work towards the common goal of helping others. In the past several years’ health care organization have focused their attention in improving healthcare as a whole by focusing on factors such as access to primary care, control cost, increase efficiency and improve outcomes. A growing trend in trying to meet these challenges has been the use of physician assistants. According to Assistant, physician (PA). (n.d.). Retrieved September 30, 2015, from a physician assistant is a mid-level medical practitioner who works under the supervision of a licensed physician. Their education qualifies them to examine patients,…show more content…
This great career opportunities present its self with many responsibilities. These physicians are entrusted with vital information and patient care. Some of the job responsibilities include the examining, diagnosing and treatment of patience. They are also empowered to prescribe medication and perform job duties such as ordering and interpreting patient records, progress, exams such as X rays and blood test as well as taking part in preventative care. As formerly mentioned physician assistance work under a team and are supervised by physicians and or surgeons. In most cases physician assistance are delegated task and are to work under the scope provided by supervisor. According to (2015, September 1). Retrieved September 30, 2015, from many times assistance have their own patience’s under an agreement with a licensed physician.
Physician assistance also have the capability to specialize in particular types of care; like physicians do. According to Guide To Majors - Health & Medical. (n.d.). Retrieved September 30, 2015, from their focus can include general internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, or family medicine as well as emergency medicine, orthopedics, and general and thoracic
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