The Role Of Masculinity In School

Introduction How do you know if your child is in a gang? As a parent what should you look out for. Here are some signs and behavior associated with gang activity. Sometimes after school kids have too much unsupervised free time. Has your child seemed distant or detached from the family? Is there a sudden loss of interest in school, or have they stopped? Has their school suddenly started to get worse like grades getting worst and worst? Has the school and college reported worrying changes in behavior? Has your child dropped out of after school clubs? Have they to use new slang words? Do they have suddenly have unexplained money or possessions? Do they spend a long time away from home, have they started to stay out late without giving a reason,…show more content…
Masculinity is a type of manliness encouraging the presentation toughness dominance. One way to insert dominance is to maintain forcefully(Flores,2013). Gangs are socialized into having a set of values including toughness, smartness, and excitement. They gain status in their peer group through showing these characteristics through delinquent behavior. A lot of gangs are created to against another gang. Man vs another man to find out who is the strongest. Weapons, money, and power played a key role in gaining a reputation and maintaining respect. This country was built on gangs and still run on gangs. Republicans, Democrats, the police departments, and the FBI. Those are gangs.Think about it. They wear certain color, they are respected, some of them carry weapons and they promote following the rules they made . Also Gangs probably see characters from TV shows or movies who use violence in order to increase their apparent masculinity and try to mimic them (Esbensen & Tusinski, 2007). With media as their main source for information about the world, what boys to think about what they must become when they grow up besides dominant and

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