The Role Of Marriage During The Regency Era

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During the Regency Era, marriage was held to a different standard that it is today. The majority of the time, women married for stability or monetary benefits, but it was a rare occasion for a women to marry for love. It was seem as not normal and made the couple stand out from the crowd. Most of the times, the couples that did marry for alternative reasons were not happy and usually one person in the marriage controlled the other in some way, shape, or form. In Pride and Prejudice, these types of relationships are displayed, but 2 of the Bennet sisters were fortunate enough to find someone that they truly loved and got married for the purpose that it should be. Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet’s marriage is a little different from the rest of…show more content…
From there, he moved on to Charlotte Lucas. The two of them are another couple that have different views on marriage and have different characteristics as well. Charlotte is on the “older” side of the spectrum at the age of 27 and makes her seem less attractive to the men. She is a very sensible women on the other hand and also has different views on marriage and love that are different from the norm during the Regency Era. Charlotte believes that women should not marry for love, but instead marry for the well-being of themselves and also to achieve stability. The women should marry for stability and then fall in love with her husband later. Charlotte wanted to please her family as well as keep the good fortune coming. Mr. Collins on the other side is very different from Charlotte. He is very full of himself as well as somewhat awkward and comes across as annoying at some points. He has a different mood towards marriage and believes that it should somewhat be for love and also he believes that he should be married to someone who is good pair to himself. Unfortunately, the pair are not a good match. Mr. Collins believes that Charlotte married him for love and that they are in love, but in reality, she only married him for his wealth and the fact that she was somewhat desperate. Mr. Collins does state to Elizabeth that him and Charlotte get each other very well and that they are truly in love, but Elizabeth can see that that is not the
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