The Role Of Love In Much Ado About Nothing

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Everyone knows trust, respect, and love are the foundation of marriage —but what happens when these components are missing? In Much Ado About Nothing, Claudio, a young soldier, falls in love with Hero, the fair and intelligent daughter of Leonato. She reciprocates the feelings, but how will their relationship function when Claudio lacks all three elements-- could it lead to an unsuccessful marriage? Claudio and Hero’s relationship will not work because Claudio makes various assumptions without confrontation, lacks reasonable responses in heated situations, and was cruel to Hero.

First off, their relationship will not work out because Claudio makes various assumptions with any confrontation. Claudio is easily the most gullible character.
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Once Claudio learned the truth, he declared his love for Hero and tried to fix his mistake. Eventually, once Borachio, an associate of Don John, confessed what he had done, Claudio was immediately sorrowful and wanted to own up to his mistake in any way he could. When Claudio heard Borachio’s confession, he stated, “Sweet Hero, now thy image doth appear in the rare semblance that I loved it first... [To Leonato] I know not how to pray your patience, yet I must speak. Choose your revenge yourself. Impose me to what penance your invention can lay upon my sin. Yet sinned I not but in mistaking” (Act 5, Scene 1, Lines 235-236, 255-259). In his speech, Claudio admits to his mistake and asks Leonato to punish him, although it was technically not Claudio’s wrongdoing. When Leonato lists what Claudio must do to receive his forgiveness, he does them without any second thoughts. Claudio was innocent, and he truly loves…show more content…
Despite Claudio asking for forgiveness and ‘professing his love’ to Hero, his previous actions still define his character. His actions were unjust and brutal, and he was disrespectful towards Hero. During their wedding ceremony, Claudio verbally harassed Hero. He made many unkind comments about her, most of which were meant to slut-shame her. Claudio announces that he is “not to be married, not to knit my soul to an approvèd wanton” (Act 4, Scene 1, Lines 41-42). In this quote, Claudio tells Leonato he will not marry Hero because she is a ‘slut’. After a couple more degrading comments, Hero eventually faints, and Claudio leaves without regarding her well-being. After he was told that Hero had died, he still did not care— he believed she cheated so he was not sorry for what he did. Claudio was only sorrowful after he found out Hero had been framed. Claudio and Hero’s relationship will not last because he was extremely cruel towards Hero—in this case, he lacked the ‘love’ component. Claudio was very selfish and only regarded his own feelings. Furthermore, Claudio did not personally apologize to Hero, therefore she shouldn’t have forgiven him because he did not deserve
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