The Role Of Government In The Government And Economy

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The market is an area in which freedom is given to the individual skills of each person to provide and enforce their product through strategies, whether advertising or with other individuals in order to get support and get a better standard of living. The government is usually the authorities to direct, control and administer the state institutions, which is driving the policy or exercise of state power. In broad terms, the government is that structure that holds various state activities, commonly called branches of government. The role of government in the economy, in this is the relationship between government and economy, the objectives and obligations that the government plays the role occupied within the state, advantages and disadvantages,…show more content…
The mission of government is to create a safe in the long term, self-financed, high quality and uncorrupted system of self-protection and social for families living in the state. Primarily secure the future of health, education, credit, property, pension, and housing. What should be the role of government if not in production and distribution? The non-contentious roles of governments are sufficiently clear: to protect property rights, enforce contractual obligations to promote competition, and provide public goods such as research, technology, information and infrastructure. The most controversial roles relate to the redistribution of resources through compulsory measures, price stabilization, absorption of risks and providing credit. If governments where private markets fear they have to go cautiously and considerable reserves. The role of a government is the equitable distribution of resources of a nation, which adopts (tax, infrastructure, promotion to foreign markets, exchange rate stability and interest rate etc.) economic policies for the benefit of those involved in this. So many economic decisions are aimed at providing opportunity for companies to promote their creation and development, since with this employment and boosts
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