The Role Of Freedom In Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaids Tale'

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Maiden in Distress Freedom. Everybody desires it, but not everyone has it. In third world countries, many people fall victim to slavery and many more do not have the freedom to seek what they want. In "The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood the main character, Offred, struggles to find freedom in her prison like home called the Red Center, her uniform chains her to the life given to her, and she carries a hope that she will one day escape the Red Center. Offred is a handmaid that lives in the Red Center, a building in which the handmaids, the marthas, the aunts, the housewife, and the commander live in. The Red Center is the place where the handmaids are impregnated by the Commander. Offred’s routine in the Red Center looks like as if she…show more content…
She is then separated from everyone she loves including her daughter and is sent directly to the Red Center. Throughout her stay in the center, Offred encounters in many secret scandals. For example, Offred has an affair with the Commander at night when everybody is asleep. After that affair Offred starts becoming reckless and agrees to have an affair with Nick, a guardian of Gilead, after seeing the Commander that same night. They both start seeing safety in each other, yet they are creating a great calamity.’ Handmaid 's Tale conveys these dangers in its representations of the effect on Offred of ``being in love ' ' and of the grammar according to which she articulates being in love. When in love with [Nick]; she does precisely the same with Nick, losing interest in Mayday and in the possibility of escape. She comments, ``The fact is that I no longer want to leave, escape the border to freedom. I want to be here, with Nick, where I can get at him. ' '…The novel wants to believe in ``love ' ' at the same time it expresses powerful reservations about how we typically realize this emotion. Finally, The Handmaid 's Tale is a story of love 's limitations, rather than its latitudes.’ In this dystopian society, freedom was taken away from everyone, especially women and the only way to keep sane was to hope for the best, even if that meant risking your own life. Women were encaged and had their liberties taken away and the Author, Margaret Atwood, focused on the perspective of a single handmaid (Offred) that experienced this
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