The Role Of Fate In Oedipus The King

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In today’s modern times we choose how to live our lives by certain actions or choices that we choose to believe in. Yet as people we common sometimes debate with ourselves as species and humans of our free thought do we have free will over the choices we make or does the decisions we make play with our fate that controls what our destiny is. In my thesis essay, I will be discussing how fate played a role in Oedipus the King, but how it tried to prevent him from creating his own downfall in this tragic play. I will also discuss how Ancient Greece contributed to the development of values but also how Oedipus lead to his own downfall and not the value of faith. In Oedipus, the main role of the story is for Oedipus to find out who he is and what purpose he is meant to serve and what his fate is. Oedipus who has a shaky past cannot accept his current life as it is and…show more content…
Within the story, you see the oracle tell Oedipus that when he was turning into a young man his parents gave him up yet his future is to end in disaster. At this point, Oedipus decides to move to Thebes in hopes of what the oracle predicted of his faith would not come true. One main characteristic of Oedipus that lead to his down fall that I notice from the reading was his way he had of presenting himself. His pride was his biggest flaw in the story. Even though many people act this way, as a way to discover their selves what led to Oedipus downfall was he felt that he had to be accountable for his actions and that he had no say so or control over those actions due to fate was the one to be blamed. However as I see it, due to all the aspects of the story he could avoided many of his troubles by checking out his adoptive parents background or finding out more information but because he decided not to, he determined his overall

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