The Role Of Blood Spatter

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Blood Spatter Role
Many people hate blood, the look and the smell. But with blood, it can be used as evidence to solve very gruesome crimes. Blood spatter analysts can determine very many things from just the spatter of blood. There is a lot of things that can be accomplished by blood spatter analysts. It is possible to find the weapon used, number of wounds, trajectory, direction of travel, and how the events unfold in a crime. It can interest very many people, but can also freak them out. Blood spatter pattern analysists are one of the most important people to finding the criminal who has done the crime.
There are many things blood spatter analysists are responsible for, including responding to crime scenes, interacting with biohazardous material such as blood and body fluids, taking photographs, collecting samples, writing reports, and testifying in court (“Balance”). Blood spatter requires a strong background in scientific studies, and a bachelors degree in one of the natural sciences. (“Balance”). Blood spatter analysts either work with criminal investigators, or they work in a lab, most do both. They must also answer the following questions at every crime scene, how were the victims positioned, what was the weapon used, where the blood came from, does the bloodstain evidence support what the suspects shared, and what direction was the victim wounded from. Collection from the crime scene is collected by photographs, cutting out stained materials or surfaces, soak up pooled blood, and swab small samples to
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Collecting DNA is also part of a blood spatter analyst. Although it does not involve blood, you are sometimes expected to test DNA in a lab provided. Items at crime scenes that can include DNA could be masks, hats, gloves, clothing, tools, weapons, bedding, cups, toothbrushes, tissues, hair brush, eyeglasses, and a lot more. Angles and appearance is key in collecting

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