The Role Of African Americans During The Harlem Renaissance

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In the past, Harlem was a vacation spot for wealthy people living in summer homes, however, in 1904 a financial crisis occurred, causing Harlem landowners to loose money. Philip A Paytron lived down the street and bought the leases from the landowners and sold them to african americans and immigrants looking for a cheap place to stay. However, the trickle of African Americans coming into Harlem became a stream as the once mixed district became a predomentaley black area. With a large amount of African Americans in one place the Harlem Renaissance was born as a reaction to the new found space for self expression in Harlem, using music and art to convey their political views and life experiences. However Harlem was not a complete utopia, African Americans still faced discrimination and brutality similar to those in the South.…show more content…
I forecast that Harlem will increase its African American population as it estimated that more than 200,000 African Americans lived in the neighborhoods of Harlem during the Renaissance. I also predict that the artistic merits of African Americans living in Harlem will gain appreciation and become mainstream, as seen with the new found appreciation of jazz music and musicians such as Duke Ellington. Similarly, I foresee that members of the Harlem renaissance will affect the format of literature, as observed with Dorthy West and her aesthetic contributions to the literary

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