The Role Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

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The role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) in health care has been identified as a critical role in the goal to provide high-quality health care. APRNs have a bigger role to play in the health care system and it is important that students are provided with relevant and valuable knowledge as well as experience that improve their abilities. Achieving course objectives are critical for APRNs with the goal of contributing positively to the health care system. As a future APRN, I place high priority on life-long learning and the development of other people’s skill sets. All duties associated with health care require a dedication to excellence and selflessness. These are two components of learning that will improve the capabilities of any APRN or health care professional. I will embrace the need to always keep learning as this field requires one to understand that new things can be discovered every day. I consider this to be an indication of my progress in this course as I can highlight the need for life-long learning as a key competency and identity of an APRN. This course has helped me developed personally, and professionally to be an effective APRN. I now that I have the knowledge to aspire to take up my role within one of the identified population foci. APRNs program developed my core competencies by allowing me to be more efficient adaptability with regards to newly emerging APRN roles or population focus. Furthermore, achieving my course objectives enable me to understand the specific APRN roles. For example, course objectives provide me with a better detail, and align my licensure goals with the responsibilities expected of each role. Licensure will provide me and my fellow APRN graduates with the full authority to p... ... middle of paper ... ...rst of all, I need to apply all my learning knowledge, and skills in future clinical setting to shape my personality as leader. As an APRN I need to apply scope of practice by emphasizes that health teaching is a significant role as providing direct care. I would like to update myself regularly, so I can reach out the community by raising awareness about the difference between APRN and physician. Most people do not know what an APRN is, specifically an NP. They always asked me what is the difference between floor nurse and NP. The combination of strong leadership, compassion, ability to embrace new ideas, and ability to maintain focus on completing specific tasks will enable me to become an effective care giver. This will in turn motivate people to become better themselves since they will have seen my tireless efforts and optimism that works can be improved.
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