The Role Of A Totalitarian Government In 1984, By George Orwell

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What is the role of a governing body within a country? Do the actions of the government control the actions of the individual? How is overall society affected by the such governing bodies? In the novel 1984 written by George Orwell, the author writes that the actions of individuals can be restricted or cause overall conformity within society. On that account, these questions are raised on how society is affected by a totalitarian government government and on the individuals. George Orwell emphasizes the repercussions of socialist government in the novel 1984 through the a consistent use of symbolism to illustrate his pessimistic yet provocative tone towards totalitarian society. The protagonist of the novel is Winston Smith, who realizes…show more content…
Orwell implies that, the power of totalitarian rule must be determined by the factors which it is controlled by. The governing body must create overall conformity without having any change within the citizens. Orwell implemented such rules within his novel to show the idea of an example of a “perfect” totalitarian society. Orwell satirizes socialist societies which he mentions throughout the novel. David Goodman writes, “The satire, they say, is aimed against the Soviet Union…”(4). Orwell was reviewing these societies to point out the flaws that existed within them. The message associated with the novel was to show how such societies could have an enormous to create a negative impact on society. These messages conveyed to the readers resulted in a dark tone because of the end of Winston’s journey (243-245). The journey of Winston was depressing as he had to end all his ambitions. Orwell used the depressing story of Winston to illustrate a dark tone for the readers. He also used such tone to convey . Additionally, the separation between Julia and Winston resembled the Separation of their characters which implied a provocative tone towards the

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