The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence

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I read the “Rocking Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence. It was a fairly interesting story that kept me from wanting to put it down.

This story was about a young boy named Paul, and his family. They lived in an upper-middle class life in a large house. There was one problem though, both parents did not earn enough money to live up to their social status but, kept up impressions as if they could. One day, the young boy approached his mother and asked a series of questions concerning their families life style. The mother simply told the boy; that his father and her were not lucky people. Paul knew the family needed money, and every so often he would hear a distant whisper in the house. The whisper usually came from the boy’s toy rocking horse. The rocking horse would say “There must be more money!”. Paul knew he had to be a lucky person. So he began to join his uncle while gambling ,on horse at the race track. Paul would only bet on races, that he was absolutely sure of which horse would win. By the end of the story Paul got so wrapped up into gambling, that he had an anxiety ...
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