The Rocking Horse Winner Literary Analysis

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“The Rocking Horse Winner,” written over 8 decades ago by D.H Lawrence, is an intricate and complicated tale about the role wealth plays in one’s happiness. The relationship between the characters, especially between mother and the only son, is heavily affected by money, and its acquisition. Not only do misbeliefs of a grand lifestyle ruin the relationship at the apex of the story, but also so does the fixation. What is most outstanding, however, is the mother’s greed to have more and more money that it became the root of the death of one of her own children.
Very few things in a person’s life are as damaging as ignorance. We all suffer from ignorance. While we have all heard the saying "ignorance is bliss," we all regard it as mere words that have been used one too many times. The reality is ignorance is a very destructive aspect in our lives, and this has proven indeed factual in the psychological short story by D.H. Lawrence.
Mrs. Hester was good-looking, and she married for the right reasons - love. However, she was trapped in an ill-fated marriage life. This short detail is crucial in the short story because it brings forth the element of sexual subtext in Lawrence’s short story. Scholars have observed that the portrayals of Paul riding his rocking horse have an erotic quality, and such incidences have been understood as symbols of sex and masturbation. Subsequently these, quasi-sexual actions, are fixated on pleasing Paul's mother, and we see Paul's father proving incapable of satisfying the wife. From this, many critics presume that the story draws on the perceptions of psychologist Sigmund Freud. In the article by W.D Snodgrass “A Rocking-Horse: the Symbol, the Pattern, the Way to Live” Snodgrass claims, “The father withd...

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...he modern world, so does the word luck” (Junkins).
Although there are one or two passages in which Lawrence sacrifices the objectivity and tells us what goes on in Paul’s mind. These passages fail to occur at significant moments and end up unnoticed or have less impact on readers. “The Rocking-horse Winner” shows a face of human nature, which, if not controlled, things like desire and greed would never be satisfied and would only result to more desires. Capturing the obscurity in human nature and linking it to the reader is complex than it initially seems. This intricacy is what makes writing and understanding this short story a tough and yet satisfying process. Authors have the chance to utilize these precise literary devices to make each story their own. Knowing which appropriate method to use, or trickier, when to employ it, is what makes or breaks the story.
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