The Rocking Horse Winner Character Analysis Essay

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The main protagonist, Paul, in the short story “The Rocking Horse Winner”, written by D. H. Lawrence, is a young boy who figures out what extremely good luck he possesses after being told by his mother that his father’s misfortune was the reason for their low income. As Paul continuously hears the “whispers” around the house that sound “there must be more money”, he tests his luck by gambling for horse races in attempt to help his mother with her financial issues. In terms of qualities, Paul is a very strong-willed, smart, mature, and supportive person. Paul expresses many of these characteristics in the relationships presented in the story. However, Paul’s relationship with his mother shows Paul’s resilience, as Paul makes every effort to…show more content…
While Hester is going through a hard time in her life, where she could not feel compassion for anyone who she once loved deeply, she is not able to deceive Paul as he suspects that there is something the matter with her. “Everybody else said of her: ‘She is such a good mother. She adores her children.’ Only she herself, and her children themselves, knew it was not so. They read it in each other 's eyes”(Lawrence 379). Although Hester is able to fool her peers, Paul knows that she does not have the emotional connection with him that others seem to see. After Paul learns that the reason Hester is in distress due to having no luck, and therefore not enough money, he then focuses on being the lucky one in the family in order to please his mother. The broken relationship between Paul and Hester is what causes Paul to attempt to resolve this issue. While Paul wants to help his mother, and prove to her that he can be lucky, Hester very sarcastically entertains the idea that he has good luck."Well, anyhow, he said stoutly, I 'm a lucky person. Why? said his mother, with a sudden laugh. He stared at her. He didn 't even know why he had said it. God told me, he asserted, brazening it out. I hope He did, dear!, she said, again with a laugh, but rather bitter”(Lawrence 381). Hester’s sarcasm towards Paul describes the disconnection between the two, which would motivate Paul to start…show more content…
While Paul makes every effort to help his mother and prove his luck, Hester denies his previous claims of good fortune, although she indeed remembers Paul said. "I never told you, mother, that if I can ride my horse, and get there, then I 'm absolutely sure - oh, absolutely! Mother, did I ever tell you? I am lucky! No, you never did, said his mother”(Lawrence 391). Here, we get a familiar sense of Mother son relationship when it comes to the writing of D.H Lawrence. Similar to “The Odour of Chrysanthemums”, where the Mother Elizabeth Bates has this feeling deep down that she does not truly love her children. Paul’s relationship with Hester is really controlled by Paul himself, while Hester makes little effort to be affectionate with her son. In terms of qualities, Paul is very strong-willed, smart, mature, and supportive. On the other hand, Hester is a very bitter woman and expresses those qualities often in responses to Paul actions. However, Paul has a completely different relationship with his uncle Oscar, and his gardener Bassett. Oscar and Bassett, being the partners of Paul in his pursuit, gain his trust and work well together. When Paul introduces his uncle to Bassett, he assures him that he can be trusted with his earnings and that he would invest the money for him."Bassett be damned, old man! What 's he got to do with it? We 're partners. We 've been partners from the first. Uncle, he
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