The Roaring Twenies and the Harlem Renaissance

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The culture that we have, the way we act, and the way we live today would not be possible if not for the cultural revolution in the Roaring Twenties that will forever be known as the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance changed much of the society of America by making us racially tolerant and accepting, while introducing culture with the birth of many new writers, singers, and poets that are still known today. It is apparent to most people whether it be an everyday citizen, or a person specializing in history, that the Harlem Renaissance truly changed the America that we know today. Imagine if you will in a world where America was in a colossal war, where all the men were being drafted to fight the war across an impossibly gargantuan ocean to fight an enemy that was foreign. Due to most workers joining the war to storm impossible fronts, face the terror of no mans land, and fighting for their dreams of becoming war heroes the women, Hispanics, and African Americans went and worked the jobs of the men overseas. This is the time set that caused the Harlem Renaissance to begin and cause a cultural firestorm. Due to the need of many workers in the northern cities, the African Americans from the south moved up north to work. But that’s not the only reason why most also wanted to get a sort of cultural freedom from the south, these two reasons were the cause of a thing called the Great Migration. The Great Migration is in fact one of the key reasons why we ever had a Harlem Renaissance in the first place. Now, due to the Great Migration many northern cities such as New York had to build many more housing areas for the many amounts of African Americans coming to work. Due to this the epicenter of the Harlem Renaissance was bor... ... middle of paper ... ...lem Renaissance.” International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 24 Jan. 2014 Hill Lablan. HARLEM STOMP. New York: Little, Brown and Company,2003.Print Pg.6 Pg. 33-51 Keyserling, Hermann “WHAT THE NEGRO MEANS TO AMERICA.” Atlantic Monthly. Oct. 1929: 444. Web. 23 Jan. 2014. (Keyserling 444) Rhodes, Henry. ”The Social Contributions of The Harlem Renaissance.” Yale –New Haven Teacher Institute. Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. Web.22 Jan 2014. . (Rhodes) Rollyson, Carl. “The Twenties in America.” The Twenties in America. Volume 1. New York: 2012. Rollyson, Carl. “The Twenties in America.” The Twenties in America. Volume 2. New York: 2012.

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