The Road to Complete Extinction

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There is a new rumor: if humans harvest deer antlers, crush them up, and eat them, any illness, or disease, one has will be cured. Thousands of people run to the woods to kill deer. Hunters are growing angry because their trophies are being killed prematurely. Conservationists warn of the dwindling numbers of the male deer population. Deer antlers are going for thousands of dollars on the streets in cities like Detroit and Chicago. Soon enough, money-hungry killers start a new rumor: hooves from any gender of deer can have miracle health benefits as well. Now, both genders are in danger, not only males. A new headline hits the news and the black-tailed deer is extinct. Posters and campaigns spring up to "save the deer." Some people take the warnings seriously, and stop killing the deer and buying antlers and hooves. Yet, there are still people who take advantage of the hefty check coming their way. In two years time, the deer population disappears. Plants are now growing in abundance and people are starting to notice a lack of coyotes, wolves, and bears. The predators are becoming scarce. The environment is becoming unbalanced. The ecosystem is becoming permanently changed.
Although this deer crisis has not happened, it is happening to the rhino species. One by one, rhinos are diminishing because of killings happening daily. In elementary school, teachers preach about the delicate balance of the food chain. Humans should withhold a responsibility to protect this balance—not harm it. Poachers are not living up to this responsibility, but completely going against it. As of right now, the western black rhino is gone forever, and many other rhino species are not far behind.
In 2013, the death toll of the rhino in South Africa was at...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that poachers have been killing rhinos, not learning extinction is on its way. one rhino horn can go for thousands of dollars in the black markets of asia.
  • Explains that rhinos have poor eyesight, which makes it easy for poachers to sneak up on them and attack them.
  • Opines that the diminishing numbers of rhinos are hurting the biodiversity in the world. the ecosystem should be an important thing to preserve.
  • Opines that the deer crisis is happening to the rhino species, which is diminishing because of killings happening daily.
  • Explains that rhino poaching has been a tradition for decades, and perhaps most importantly, harvesting the rhino’s horn.
  • Explains that in yemen, carved rhino-horn dagger handles are prized as a sign of status and wealth.
  • Explains how conservationists and passionate people are finding new ways to minimize poaching and hopefully end it.
  • Analyzes how "a way to save the rhino, just not its horn." weekend edition - saturday, 10 mar. 2012.
  • States bolstad, erika, newspapers, mcclatchy, and barber, elizabeth.
  • Opines that nepal-tourism-wildlife-conservation-poaching is a serious threat to rhinos.
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