The Road of Censorship

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The Road of Censorship Censorship violates our First Amendments rights to free speech. It does this by suppressing information contanied in books, magazines and other publications as best said by Berger, Censorship is the control of communication between people. It includes restriction on what can be written in books, newspapers and magazines; what can be show in movies and play on television, and what can be said in speeches and on radio. Mostly, censorship practiced by governments, but religious and special interest groups also try to control the flow of information. (Qtd. Berger 1) That is the usual term for censorship; in reality it goes much further by telling the public what to wear, what to watch, and trying to tell us how to think. It does this in the suppression of our God given right to decide on our own what is best for us. We the people made this country for individual freedoms it is not anyone's place to tell us what we can choose. As a whole, most people and mature enough to decide for themselves in what ways they would like to express themselves. I would not tell you how to live your life, just as you would do the same. However, the advocates of censorship would like you to think they are not impeding on your rights but acting in the best interests of all of us, to protect us from ourselves, and our children from "dangerous" ideas. It is the children they say that would be hurt most by these ideas. So they take upon themselves to parent our children for us. To validate anyone's argument you must first understand the pro-censorship point of view. Education Research Analysts operated out of Longview Texas by two textbook analysts: Mel and Norman Gabler, they produce reviews of textbook and other ... ... middle of paper ..., you should choose to fight for your's and everyone else's rights to freedom. Bibliography: Works Cited ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union. Http://, pg. 1-4 Berger, Melvin. Censorship. New York: Impact Books 1982 Censorship and Free Speech. Http://, Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. copyright 1997 CNN - Speaking Freely. Http://, copyright Cable News Network, Inc. 1997 pg. 1-4 Edleton, Judge. "Talking" Next Generation. pg. 3, 1997:29 Free Speech Rights. Http://, pg. 1-2 Olober, Eli Censorship and Education. Vol. 53 New York: The H.W. Wilson Company. 1981 Take the First Amendment pledge. Http://, pg. 1

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