The Road To The End

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“Honey, come down for breakfast” screamed a frustrated mother. “I’ll be down in a minute,” screamed Dave, while putting on his favorite red jacket and Philadelphia Phillies red cap while turning off the computer. He then grabbed his tablet and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. “Boy, leave that” his father said as he pointed to the tablet “and eat without out looking at that damn screen for once.” “But dad, I’m just posting a picture of the amazing breakfast mom made for us.” “Now, why would anyone want to see what you are eating? It’s just food.” “Dad, you wouldn’t understand” Dave said as he rolled his eyes and scrolled through the Facebook feed. His mother annoyed, stood behind him and took the tablet out of his hands so he could begin eating. “MOM!” he said, irritated. His mother, ignored him and put the table in a drawer. “Eat, or you’ll be late for your first day of school” said his mother. He did as he was asked and soon he was off to school, but not before he grabbed his cell phone from the living room, where he had left it the night before to charge. Though it was the first day of school, Dave saw it as another typical day. He went to Math class in the morning, followed by English and history class. Then lunch with his friends, where they all spent most of their time on the phone. After, he had physical education, science and then an art class to end of the day. This was his Junior year, so he didn’t expect much, he just couldn’t wait to be a senior next year. As he walked out of the front door of the school, he noticed his moms Mercedes parked on the curve. He looked around and she was not there, so he slowly walked up to the car. “BOO!” someone screamed behind him. It was his mom, she was laughing. “Did I scare ... ... middle of paper ... ...p from the chair straight towards the man. De’Lobo dropped hard and hit his head and was out for a few seconds, Dave used that time to get a few feet closer to the front door. However, he did not know that De’Lobo had a gun with him. As soon as he came to his senses and right before Dave opened the door the gun went off. “BOOM, BOOM” the sound was heard several times. Thirteen bullets had gone into Dave. De’Lobo approached Dave and turned him around while massaging his own head , “all you had to do was cooperate, boy” is all he said as he shook his gun with the other hand. Coughing blood out Dave said, “I would never cooperate with a criminal”, he closed his eyes and took his last breath. De’ Lobo got away and continued his crime spree through all of California, at one point he even killed three famous, wealthy brothers Johnny O’Pig, Josh O’Pic and James O’Pig.
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