The Road Not Taken Symbolism Essay

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Robert Frosts “The Road Not Taken” shows how the choices that one makes now will ultimately effect one’s life later. In addition, one cannot go back and change the choices that one makes had made later in life. The symbolism the speaker uses signals that a choice is permanent and it effects one’s life and the people around one’s life. The two roads that diverged are the set of the choices that we are presented in life. Particularly the big choices such as going to college, or when to move out of one’s parents’ house. The speaker states that, “he was sorry that he couldn’t travel down both roads” (line 2). No one has a redo for a choice they made if they do not like the turn out the made choice. The speaker states, “be one traveler long I…show more content…
The decisions are made by his or herself. When faced with a choice one will contemplate the effects that the choice will have on his or her life and the others around them. The speaker states in line four, “he looked as far down each [road] as he could” (line 4). To make a wise and educated choice one must look at all the consequences that the choice will have on their life and how it effects future choices. Such as going to college, which will make the person more money in the end although making him or her poorer in the present. While not going to college will give him or her more money at the present but not as much later in life. “To where it bent in the undergrowth” (line 5). The speaker thinks about the choice in front of him or her for so long that they can see his or her children in the same position with a choice; and how the choice he makes now can have an effect on his or her child’s choice. “Then…show more content…
Maybe the other choice was better, maybe it was worst one does not ever know. “Both equally lay” (line 11) both roads/choices look the same, the style shape the color are all the same. Many choices are this way. The educated person will look as far down each as they can. To study for a test or not to study for test would be a choice for someone in college. The study group could start with the intention to study, but they get to talking about something else and forget about the study and the whole group fails. Which would look like a bad thing at that time; however, this would cause them to study harder for the next test. In line 13, “oh I kept the first for another day” the speaker would like to able to go back if he does not like the choice after he makes it. In line 15, “I doubted if I should ever come back” the speaker doubts if he or she will want to come back or be able to come back because of the choice could have detrimental effect on their well-being. “Ages and ages hence” (line 17) many years have to pass before someone can realize what choices have shaped their life and made them who they are. “I took the one less travelled by” (line 19) the speaker took the road every few other have

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