The Risk of Innovations in the Publishing Industry

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Introduction and Executive Summary Everyone reads books, some for pleasure some because they need to read their textbooks to pass their university courses. Books seem to be a simple concept but the industry that creates them has a complexity to it that is often overlooked. The Publishing industry is just as competitive and innovative as the mobile, and computing industries. Innovations are happening everyday in the Publication industry and corporations are in dire need to keep with the competition to even have a chance at the market share. Companies are now trying different methods and avenues to reach their audience, including E-Books, E-Readers, and E-Commerce in general. There have been many factors and innovations that have been put in place to bridge together the once simple publications to the major complex industry it has become today. Innovation in this industry has slowly become a synonym for profitability; if you can keep up with the advances you can be profitable. The purpose of this report is to ensure and endorse any concerns when it comes to the risk of investing in innovations in the publication industry. To do this however there are many topics to be covered. An Industry Overview and the presentation of Research that has been done to help ensure these concerns will be the first portion of the report. It will introduce more in depth information on the Publication Industry and help give information as a background on your future investment; from stone carvings to ancient printing presses to innovated machine prints, after this portion the history of the Publication Industry will become common sense. Secondly there will be a Technical Analysis that will use some of the information in the Industry Overview to help e... ... middle of paper ... ...keep profits up and avoid bankruptcies due to blind competition with media technologies. The high cost of investment also increases the cost of the end product, hence limiting its reach to wider audiences. Thus, innovation does not necessarily mean accessibility to everyone. This leads to pirated circulation of the content and loss of profits. The change in business models is increasingly impacting the radical structures of the publication industry and creating the roadblocks to innovation. Innovation has surely impacted readers in the most positive way possible, with additions of interactive platform and more choices. Applications created by software developers have furthermore helped the publication industry; nevertheless at the same time have created a challenging situation with the content creators such as authors, designers, publishers, etc. (Kaefer, 2012).

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