The Rising Sun and Death be not Proud by John Donne

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In this essay I will mainly focus on two poems written by John Donne, The Rising Sun and Death be not proud. These poems were written during the Elizabethan era, which was an era mainly characterized by love and colonialism, on separate terms of course. These principles often influenced poets who lived during this period. Their poetry acts as testimonies of their underlying thoughts and desires. Furthermore, metaphysical poets deliver a more divine and profound perspective to their poetry. Within their conceits, they manage to engage and delight themselves in deeper movements. This essay will further discuss how John Donne used death and the sun to his disposal. I will also critically analyse the two poems as well grasp on external aspects which emerge from these poems.
Metaphysical poetry gains unique recognition for its unnatural nature and complexity. It engages in philosophical and spiritual dimensions and develops a completely unconventional sense of knowledge. One of the most influential meta-physical poets was John Donne. His work was known to be intriguingly sophisticated. Donne laid his spirituality as a foundation to his work which allowed him to shape his poetry to greater extents of spirituality and morality. Although Donne is widely known for the spiritual allusions in his work, he also wrote love poem. His poetry was not inspired by a single person, but rather his surroundings and tragic emotional experiences sparked his creativity. Characteristics of the Elizabethan era are evident in his work. He was also inspired by the developments of science and religion, this is evident in both Death be not Proud, as well as The Rising Sun.
The sonnet Death be not proud, written by John Donne in the 15th century, is a select...

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... spiritual poetry. He has shown true devotion to his spirituality throughout his poems, while simultaneously, not only focusing on religion, but also other spheres of his life in which he took interest. Donne’s poetry about love includes great passion and his images of love are skilfully dramatized.

In conclusion, metaphysical poet John Donne has broadened the horizons of philosophy within English literature. We grasp his intellectual poetry and appreciate the dramatic sincerity that comes along with it. Both these poems take on unrealistic challenges that can only be constructed in the mind. These poems are an escape from reality to a place of no limitations and unpredictability. Readers do not necessarily engage critically, but rather insightfully. Metaphysical poetry has created a world beyond reality which, in most regard, is much more pleasantly portrayed.
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