The Rise of the Nazi Party

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The Nazis and their rise to power comprised many steps along the way. With the help of Adolf Hitler’s mind they came to power with their political and economic strategies. Outlining the beginning of how Hitler and his party slowly gained power and took over Germany as each of his idea and his supporters helped him to rise. Hitler consequently congregated supporters of the Nazi party to make it stronger. Before the idea of legally taking over the political and economic of Germany, he planned to take over the Reichstag building with force thinking The Putsch was his way to success. ‘… the Nazi movement legally wound back the provisions of the Weimar Constitution, exerted its control over the civil service and legal systems and outlawed opposition parties.’ (Bidgood 2006: 127). Since Hitler could not gain power of Germany by overtaking the Reichstag he was to do it legally by standing as the Chancellor and create authoritative orders to create his new world. In the beginning, Adolf Hitler was an unknown figure to the public, but he slowly built his own political ideas as he started doing speeches at the beer hall which was his initial point for his ideas to emerge and advance. Once Hitler thought he had enough people supporting his party, he explicit decision was to take over the Reichstag, but was to find guilty of treason. When Hitler was imprisoned, the Nazi party started to have difficulties and that is when different political ideas were emerging. After Hitler was released out of prison, he begins to regather ideas as he was given the role of chancellor. Eliminating the Reichstag and giving him all the power. The Rise of Hitler begins.
Hitler began at the Beer hall with his first speech but he wanted more people to listen ...

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