The Rise of a Liberal Democracy

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In the article Fareed wrote he defines democracy as simply a government with free and fair elections. It is in essence rule of the majority, so if the majority is filled with ill intent then that is the direction of the government. Basically an unfiltered voice for the masses; and it is not suitable by itself. Liberal Democracy is described as what people think of today when they here of Democracy; it is a government with a system of values/rights built in to protect the people from themselves. It has basic rights like freedom of speech, press, religion, etc. written out so the Government cannot infringe upon them. Liberal Democracy also has Free and fair multi-party elections held so the people have a voice. It is not necessarily used directly by the people but has representatives for them in charge. Illiberal democracy is a democracy with free and fair elections and that is all; it has no structure to protect basic rights. Basically a ruling of the majority with no safe guards in place; people are inherently evil therefore this is the worst form of government between the two. It is based on the fact that the masses are capable of governing themselves, which is entirely wrong; people are evil and dumb and should not be allowed to have unrestricted access to power. That is one reason illiberal democracies have a tendency toward civil wars and genocide. Here is one example; lets say that the larger percentage of people (the majority) dislikes a smaller percentage of people. Well the larger percentage has control over the government, including the military; and they decide to “get rid of the smaller group”. Since there isn’t any concrete system of rights in place the government can act however it pleases; therefore proceeding to “er...

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