The Rise of National Socialism

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The Rise of National Socialism The rise of National Socialism in Germany resulted in World War II and the Holocaust. The signing of the Treaty of Versisad in 1919 proclaimed that over 10 million were killed in the first World War and Germany must take the blame and pay for all the damage. This meeting set up three goals: Repayment from Germany for all the damage occurred (12-13 billion dollars), to ensure the Germany would never be able to pose this kind of threat again, and to make sure this situation could never happen anywhere ever again. To help accomplish these three tasks they put into action a League of Nations to watch all countries and make sure this could never happen again. Germany's economy was crushed from the strain of this agreement and when they finally started doing better in the 20's the U.S. stock market crashed knocking Germany's economy even farther back. This left Germany open for a strong leader to take control. The Germans needed something and someone to believe in again. Adolf Hitler was a great orator and the perfect man for the job. He was an early member of the Nazi party. Hitler was imprisoned for treason and while in prison he wrote. He wrote about the problems the Germans faced. Someone needed to take the blame and the Germans were tired of it always being them. Hitler convinced the people it was the Jews faults. He classified them as "stingy" and "rich" he wrote that the Jews ratted out the Germans. In 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party elected Hitler chancellor. In the next year things become worse and worse for the Jews. Laws were passed stating non- Arrieans could not hold government jobs, Jews were expelled f...

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...s and still is affecting people today. Adolf Hitler, Frankl and Sartre were three men that were either directly or indirectly affected by the Holocaust. Hitler was directly responsible for the holocaust. His writing influenced many Germans and convinced a nation they were not to blame for their own problems. He led them to believe the Jews were to blame and persuaded them to participate in the mass killing of the Jews. Frankl who was one of those being persecuted by the Germans took an opposite stand. He wrote about how each individual person has choices in their own life. There is no one to blame but yourself. Sartre also wrote along these lines with his writing s on existentialism. "Man is condemned to be free" Sartre said, which again restates everyone has choices in life. How one chooses is up to each individual person and there is no one to blame but yourself.

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