The Rise of Islam

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Throughout history, many civilizations have risen to power and also fallen to destruction. The Roman civilization, the Byzantine civilization, and the Islamic civilization all made their marks on history. The Islamic Empire rose to power rose in 600 AD and lasted for 600 years. It was the first civilization to actually globally advance throughout the world. There are many reasons to why civilizations are able to rise to power. Location is a key factor. A rich geographic location and surroundings can contribute and benefit a growing civilization, but an inferior location can cause it to downfall. In the case of the Islamic Civilization, it began on the Arabian Peninsula which played a major role in that group becoming a powerful civilization. A common cause, such as religion or common enemy, is also beneficial to the development of civilization. People united by a common cause will become more unified as a people. The Islamic Civilization, for example, was unified by religion allowing the people to unite together to keep the teachings of Mohammed and spread his message to surrounding area. A focus towards achievements can also aid a civilization, working on improving for the common good. The Islamic Civilization left its mark on history with great improvements in medicine, science, math, and art. The civilizations prosper especially when in a good geographical location. An ideal location consist of a variety of qualities including: natural barriers, ports allowing trade, fertile soil, habitable land, and a nearby water source. For example, the Islamic Civilization was located on the Arabian Peninsula, allowing them to be isolated by an arid desert to the east making it difficult for enemies to invade and attack. Ara... ... middle of paper ... ...ities for other advancements because it keeps generations alive for a longer amount of time, allowing there to be more time to rise as a civilization. Works Cited “History of the Middle East” The Middle East, Wheeling Jesuit University/Center for Educational Technologies, (accessed March 30, 2014) 1 mr michaud text book “Religions” The Northern Silk Road, (accessed March 30, 2014)

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