The Rise of E-Sports in Korea

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1.1 Introduction to E-sports
With the rise of esports since the 1990s, multiplayer gaming has become more and more popular in South Korea. Almost half of South Korea’s 50 million population plays online games, and it has now become a part of their lifestyle. One thing that has a major contribution in the rise of Esports in South Korea is the career opportunities that the esports is now providing. The recent League of Legends tournament in Staples Center, Los Angeles gave $ 1 million dollars to the winner SK T1 Telecom, a South Korean gaming team that is also a part of the SK Telecom wireless communication operator (Gamepedia). Another way of earning for these professional gamers is through streams and sponsorships provided by big gaming companies like Razer.
1.2 PC Bangs in South Korea
With the esports going so big all over the world and specially in South Korea, South Korean gamers have involved themselves into gaming more than anything else. Gaming in South Korea is much different from gaming anywhere else in the world. South Korean gamers prefer playing games outside in Internet Cafes also called “PC Bangs” than playing games in their own houses. These PC Bangs are a huge part of the gaming community of South Korea, there are currently 20,000 PC Bangs all over the country in South Korea which are seen as a crucial part of their culture and social background (Cultural Geography - South Korean Computer Gaming Culture). These PC Bangs provide gamers with all kinds of services like food, drinks, and even smoking areas. With all these services provided some gamers spend more time in PC Bangs then in their own houses, since these PC Bangs are very cost efficient and only cost around $1 per hour allows these gamers to play and not wor...

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...omplicated or just seemed irrelevant to the situation while they might have been relevant. With all these PC bangs that basically cover every corner of the streets and a TV show dedicated towards production of gaming, wouldn’t the Internet addiction recreational centers be useless? Being the most wired country in the world, some may even believe that gaming isn’t just a fad but it has become a part of the culture of South Korea. It has gotten so big that there might not be a chance for them to get rid of gaming addiction, so should the government issue strict bans on the gaming TV shows and PC bang gaming? It is not just that gaming is part of these teenagers’ lives but also it is a big part of the South Korean economy. So if the government does plan to take strict steps like issuing bans on gaming houses and TV shows how can they deal with the economical problems?
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