The Rise of China

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Is China the next world superpower?

The argument presented in this paper is the status of China as a world superpower. There are many different views in answer to this question. Research included articles by newspapers, magazines, writers, researcher groups, medical institutions and political figures. Many articles imply China’s attributes give credibility to consideration as a powerful nation.

An editorial by Investors Business Daily states that because of China’s high military spending an “unnamed” leading think tank feels they will achieve military parity in less than 25 years. (China, the next superpower? 2011) Unfortunately, military spending is the only basis given for attaining parity. Military parity does not qualify China as a world superpower.

After his visit to China, David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom commented on the state of the economy. Correspondents were hailing China as the new superpower as they tout the worlds’ largest toilet covering four floors. (Aditya Chakraborrty 2010) What makes this a point of interest is that free public sanitation is scarce. The big picture apparent to Cameron and his associates is that “China is a lot poorer than is usually acknowledged and far less powerful, too. Cameron states that although China has the second largest economy, it has the largest population in the world, but a per capita income well below that of other countries.” (Aditya Chakraborrty 2010)

The Diplomat addressed the observation that China can be observed as a great power, but a great power is not a superpower. More than half the population lives without basic healthcare, decent education or safe drinking water. (Minxin Pei 2006) The Chinese government policy of one child per family is caus...

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