The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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Around the fourth century, the Roman Empire was a polytheistic civilization that worshiped many deities. During the time of the conversion from polytheism to Christianity, the Roman Empire was on the rise after the fall of the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic fell due to the demise in their political, economic, and social system that revolved around a monarchy, democracy, and oligarchy. The fall of the Roman Republic caused many Romans to doubt the power of the deities. The emperors of the upcoming Roman Empire wanted to increase their power to keep their empire united. Around 300 CE, Constantine ended the persecution of Christians by converting to Christianity and supporting his new faith with imperial funds and a policy of religious freedom1. Under the rule of Constantine (306-337 CE), the state religion of Western Rome became Christianity. However, the conversion of the state religion took a century or so and was declared the state religion under the “reign” of Theodosius (379-395 CE). Christianity attracted conversion among women and men of all classes, assuring personal salvation, offering social advantages and security from the emperor, nourishing a sense of identity, developing a hierarchy to govern the church, and creating devoted communities2. The adoption of Christianity as the state religion coincided with the rise of the Western Roman Empire by Constantine converting his religious views to Christianity during the civil war, placing Christians into high-ranking offices, and providing a greater military power.
In 303 CE, Diocletian wanted to please the gods and eliminate the threat seen to national security by suppressing Christianity through the Great Persecution3. The Great Persecution was unsuccessful bec...

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... the army as serving Christ. When the viewpoint of soldiers became the thought of many Romans, the military enrollment grew and the Roman army strengthened. As the Roman army grew, the ability to expand the empire increased as well. Through the expansion of the Roman Empire, Christianity became the main state religion in western civilizations.
Through the rule of Constantine and Theodosius, Christianity became the state religion for the Roman Empire after the fourth century. The Roman Empire became unified and rose to power due to the unification of church and state through Christianity. “The transformation from a polytheist into a Christian state was the Roman Empire’s most important influence on Western civilization.”5 Whether by divine intervention or political necessity, Christianity had a profound influence on The Roman Empire and western civilizations.
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