The Rise Of Hackers And Hacking

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The rise of hackers and hacking has been a major controversial issue in our society today due to the many questionable events that have been caused by hackers. Corruption in politics, violation of privacy rights, and many more problems such as these have been because of hacking. These events bring up the controversial question of whether hacking and hackers are ethical. Many politicians and government officials have argued that hackers are performing unethical exploitations through their non- permissive hacking, while many computer scientists are defending the art of hacking by saying that it can be a beneficial tool for our security. Hacking is a typically unauthorized act where someone uses a computer to gain access to private information within a database. By doing so, many people who know their way around a computer, can gain access to government and business secrets and many more confidential information. Those who have argued that hacking is an unethical process, have given it the nickname of “hacktivism” and have defined it as “political activism by individuals and organizations carried out in the cyber domain” (Lucas, 2017). Author George R. Lucas explains within his article “State Sponsored Hacktivism and “soft war””, how skeptics compare and group hacking in with “…full scale warfare: e.g., crime, vandalism… industrial espionage, and military espionage” and dub it as cyber warfare. With this, he also introduced the topic of state sponsored hacktivism or SSH. In his article, he defines SSH as “one of the principle tactics of a wider phenomenon, recently dubbed “soft war,” or unarmed conflict” (Lucas, 2017) Hacking is consistently defined as a “soft war” or “unarmed conflict” because there are no physical weapons invol... ... middle of paper ... ... to society is due to the fact that they are considered gate keepers because “An ethical hacker is a person that gains hacking skills with the sole purpose of identifying vulnerabilities within system or network, and then bringing them to the notice of the organization so that it can fix the issue in a timely manner…” (“Ethics and Hacking: What You Need to Know”, 2017). It is understated that our society could not work in the same manner as it does now without hackers. Even though the battle of whether or not hacking is an ethical tool to our society will always be greatly debated due to the fact that there are both good and bad sides behind hacking. Despite that, everyone can agree that regardless of whether or not hackers are working towards our favor, they have revolutionized the capabilities of today’s technology and showed the world their extensive abilities.

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