The Rise Of Elvis Presley, The King Of Rock And Roll?

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874 words

Elvis Presley,though having a troubled childhood would not have expected anything that headed his way; He was a normal child who’s family was struggling to make ends meet. As he grew up, Presley was involved in the schools singing service, and had participated in the fair singing contest winning second place. Although after graduation,he simply believed that he would work as a truck driver. Having recorded several demos on the side at a local studio, Presley was given the opportunity to perform with several musicians, kick starting his career. This day, in 1954, embarked the great journey of Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” whom is a sensation across the world.Though many people believed that Elvis’ music was “vulgar” and a “bad …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that elvis presley had a troubled childhood and was involved in the schools singing service and the fair singing contest winning second place. his addiction to drugs led to him dying early into his career.
  • Analyzes how rock and roll challenged everyday social norms and forming new ones; starting the era of the "teens". the spark of elvis' tunes left the teens wanting to freely express themselves in the similar manner.
  • Analyzes how elvis's cool tunes revolutionized the sound of music, causing for the advancing of rock and roll. his music was welcomed by both communities and contributed to future bands targeting a specific ethnicity.
  • Analyzes how elvis shook the music industry by marketing on the tv world as well as the radio.
  • Explains that elvis presley's downfall was due to his drug addiction, which led many musicians to take in drugs and other substances. he was able to embark his generation with not conforming to standards that preceded them but establish new ones.
  • Explains that presley's troubled life changed the music world and that even those in the slumps can get out through music. many artists from the generations before, came from poor beginnings but were able to pursue their careers

The spark of Elvis’ tunes left the teens wanting to freely express themselves in the similar manner causing changes in their sense of fashion, taste in music and more. Presley’s music created a spark among teenagers and provided way the youth to go express themselves the way they wanted, instead of being forced to act like how their parents thought was right for them. Thus the teens had begun to think differently and act differently; some teens would go as far as to imitate Elvis by wearing his hairstyle, growing sideburns like him, and even dressing similarly. Elvis’s music presented the teens with a rebellious phase than did not occur in previous generations; rather this was the beginning of …show more content…

His lively performance on the television screen received high ratings that contributed to his popularity and influence to other musicians. Although at first television stations would censor Elvis by only covering from his waist and above, evidently Elvis was eventually recorded with full exposures of his dancing; thus leading to the acceptance the new arrival of music.Future musician, including the Beatles give credit to the “King” Elvis and his undyingly amazing music stating "There were other American greats, but it was Elvis we talked about," said former Beatles' drummer Pete Best in the article Elvis Presley, 40 years after his death, remains an icon and a cautionary tale. Although denied access to play on several occasions and made mockery of his performances, many loved and praised his daring lyrics and dancing and rioted on. The passion of the teens everywhere had begun their own phases towards creating a new and welcoming music. There became less censorship on television allowing more of variety of programs to be air all because many enjoyed the performance of Elvis and their will to rebel against the

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