The Rights Same Sex Couples

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Up until recent time, Society generally associated heterosexuality as the utmost acceptable sexual orientation. As a result of this generalisation, those who identified themselves as Gay, Lesbian or bisexual experienced substantial amounts of marginalisation, oppression and/or discrimination, where in some cases it is still ongoing, especially for those in a same-sex relationship. As time progresses and social change continues, it is a question of whether or not same sex couples have greater rights today in contrast to previous generations. The objective of this essay is to analyse the rights same sex couples have both on a national and international perspective and the causes of these historic changes, including the influence between different power structures. As society commonly practices everyday living rituals from the bible, the bible condemns homosexuality as a sin (The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, 2015). It is not politically correct, though as churches of our society slowly disintegrate from its general traditions and beliefs, the appearance of being in a same-sex relationship is progressively accepted as the ‘norm’ with heterosexual couples. It has been identified that same-sex de facto couples in Australia have the same entitlements as opposite de facto couples and their families (Department of Social Services, 2015). On a national perspective, the Government’s same-sex law reform package passed through Parliament in November of 2008. Before 2008, this law, meant those in same sex relationships were discriminated against. The objective of this law-reform has entitled same-sex de facto couples and their families to have equal entitlements along with opposite- de facto couples and their families (Magarey... ... middle of paper ... ...ustralia are relatively slow and those who are in same-sex relationships still experience discrimination. Despite the sincere negativity of both the government and some church’s, in terms of Mass Media, it conveys strong momentum for those in same-sex couples, particular when the topic of marriage is brought up. The idea of a same-sex couple living as de-facto or married is no different then the average ‘modern family.’ In fact, the piece of the puzzle towards equality throughout Australian society is the legalisation of marriage for all couples, no matter how they identify themselves. What needs to be evaluated is the fact that the church is slowly disintegrating and practices of the bible, particularly in Australian society are no longer having the amount of people commit to its practices. It is hoped that the current government will revaluate, to think of others.
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