The Right to Carry a Concealed Firearm

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American citizens should legally be permitted to carry a concealed fire army without a permit. The second Amendment to the United States constitution guarantees our rights as American citizens to bear arms. Yet overly strict concealed carry laws prevent us from doing so. It is in fact these laws which cause much of the violent crime in America. These laws also keep citizens from being able to protect themselves from potential threats. If citizens could carry concealed fire arms without permits there would be less crime and fewer death of innocent people. For example many states have been moving towards less gun control and the effects not surprisingly have positive impacts on personal safety. As more and more states are legalizing concealed carry with permits statistics are showing that less gun control proves to be more effective at lowering the crime rates in which gun control laws were set to lower in the first place. There are bounteous reports of everyday citizens being able to protect themselves from attackers due to carrying a concealed firearm. If permits were not needed even more Americans would be able to protect themselves. Facts like these lead one to question why such strict concealed carry laws have been enacted.

The gun was first seen in history in China some thousand years ago. And since then it has changed shaped and molded human civilization into what it is today. More specifically guns have had a major impact on America and have grown to be a very hot topic. In the western times almost every one carried some type of weapon. It was a necessity to give you a fighting chance of survival. Although freedom of weapons in America was mainly for people to be able to protect themselves all types of unsavory people star...

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