The Right To Bear Arms Article

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Former Chief Justice of the United States (1969 – 1986), Warren E. Burger, was published in the January 14, 1990 edition of Parade Magazine for his work entitled, “The Right to Bear Arms”. In his essay, he questions the modern age standards being held for one to purchase a firearm, with an aim to tighten up those regulations. To argue his case he has provided record breaking homicide statistics from 1988 and states that some of the metropolitan centers in the U.S. “have up to 10 times the murder rate of all of Western Europe”, where strict gun control laws have been placed. To summarize the article, Burger asks the American people to question whether or not the gun laws and regulations in place are adequate enough to “preserve the ‘domestic tranquility’ promised in the constitution”. He gives a specific proposal to put forth regulations for purchasing a firearm and uses the comparison of the regulations that are in place for purchasing an automobile. Additionally, Burger gives background to the Second Amendment to explain why the citizens needed…show more content…
He challenges anyone who would argue his case, in saying, “That we may be ‘over-regulated’ in some areas of life has never held us back from more regulation of automobiles, airplanes, motorboats and ‘concealed weapons.’” And again with this statement, “‘Saturday night specials’ and machine guns are not recreational weapons and surely are as much in need of regulation as motor vehicles”. Being direct, but diplomatic, Berger is trying to make a point that people don’t question the need to register a vehicle and enforce laws and standards for the drivers, so why not ask the same of those who wish to possess a
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