The Right Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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The right to physician assisted suicide had always been a significant topic that concerns individuals all over the world. The debate goes back and forth about whether a terminally ill patient should have the right to die with the assistance of a physician or not. Most people are against assisted suicide because they believe it goes against religious and moral reasoning’s while others are for it because of the compassion and respect they have for those dying. While people are divided on this issue, so are physicians as well. Physicians differ when it comes to separating relief from dying and relief from physically ending your life. For many people, the main concern they have with physician assisted suicide is that it lies with the competence of those terminally ill. Terminally ill patients who are in their final stages of life will usually request for doctors to help aid them in exercising active euthanasia. What people don’t realize is that these patients are suffering from great agony and to them the only that it is going to stop is through physician assisted suicide. We as a nation need to make physician assisted suicide a legal option for those terminally ill. It is a humane way for those who are ill to end their lives with dignity and not be shamed for it from others. As of right now there are only three states that have lead the way and allowed for physician assisted suicide and as a nation, we need to follow these sates and become a nation where we allow for terminally ill patients to decide how their life should end. With medical technology being the way it is today, it is remarkable what it has done for prolonging lives. Respirators today can now support patients failing lungs until further treatment is available and t... ... middle of paper ... ...iciand assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide inherent right and no man or woman should ever suffer because he or she was denied that right. Just like any other citizens who have rights terminally ill patients also have the same rights as them so just like the normal, healthy citizens they cannot be denied the right not to suffer. The right to physician assisted suicide must only be freely granted to those who are deemed terminally ill. This right would allow them to leave this earth knowing that they died with dignity, saved their families from a financial crisis and the most important factor of them all the relief they are giving themselves from the pain and suffering. As Andrew Coyne once said “A society that believes in nothing can offer no argument even against death. A culture that has lost its faith in life cannot comprehend why it should be endured.”
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