The Rich Fool Summary

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Introduction Traditionally, during the Bible times the eldest male child got his inheritance first and then it was passed to the younger males. The rich farmer was concerned with having enough wealth to live off of for years to come and his inheritance.The farmer had acquired so much wealth that he was having trouble storing it all. The rich farmer felt that he needed more in order to advance his life for the future. The farmer was at a standstill due to a dispute with his brother about their inheritance. Typically the priest would help solve the problem of the inheritance. The farmer came to Jesus to help settle the argument of the inheritance. The farmer believed that his life was great because of all his worldly possessions. The farmer did not take into consideration life after death. The farmer had spent a great time preparing his life on earth that he failed to prepare his spiritual man for life after death. One will interpret the story of the Rich Fool according to the Bible times and life today. The Setting There was rich farmer who had established himself as a knowledgeable and successful business man. The rich farmer was…show more content…
Jesus wanted the rich farmer to be concerned about his spiritual life and building the kingdom of God. The rich farmer believed that his lifestyle would bring him happiness and sustaining wealth. The rich farmer’s desired to stock pile his produce, implied that the rich farmer wanted to store his grain and produce in the event of a famine. Famines were prevalent in that day and age. If a famine were to occur, than the rich farmer could sell his produce at a higher rate than typical due to supply and demand. When famines came the rich people gained more wealth and the poor became more
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