The Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama's Speech

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President Obama seems to be this best president to do a rhetorical analysis on because he seemed to have been elected solely on his public speaking abilities. There are many things that can result from someone delivering a well written speech, people like Martin Luther KIng and Obama will go down in history as people who delivered some of the best speeches that gathered the most attention and inspired some of the biggest changes in the US. Leading up to Obama 's first term, his ability to speak to people about subjects that directly relate to them granted him a lot of votes and basically put him in office. Analyzing President Obama 's speeches you can tell that they are always well crafted and well written. Though Obama does not write his own speeches the way that the speech is delivered is just as important.…show more content…
We can see a prime example of pathetic appeal when a supporter screams out ”i love you”, Obama says i love you back to the supporter which is a very effective way to play to their emotions and making them think that they are more than just votes to get Obama into office. Obama pathetic appeals do not stop there when Obama says “we” he is referring to the people of America and saying that they are also the key to the change that Obama talks so much about.I believe a big part of Obama 's success is his way of always including his supporters in his speeches. When Obama says “yes we can” he is using a very effective tactic in including his supporters in achieving his goals and making them believe that they are are key part in his campaign. Many of Obama 's speeches are written to specifically written to appeal to people 's emotions and another example of this is when Obama “there is nothing false about hope”, by saying this he is
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