The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War is also known as the American Revolution and the U.S War of Independence. The war was between Britain and the 13 American colonies. When the British and colonists fought together in the seven years war against the French they were deeply in debt. Due to the debt the British began taxing the colonists to get out of debt. After being under British control the people of the 13 colonies of America became frustrated with the taxes Britain forced and thought it was unfair for them to have to pay tax on products they produced themselves such as tea and stamps. That was just the beginning of the colonist’s problems. After the original taxing in 1764 the British passed the Quartering act that made colonist house British troops in the northern part of what was to be America. This outraged the colonists even more. Then they passed the Townshend accts which placed tax on imports to the U.S and then the Coercive acts after the Boston tea party happened, which enraged the British. With the absence of representation in the British Parliament of Britain being able to tax colonists, which is where “no taxation without representation” came from, they‘d had enough. Troops from England became coming over to America to enforce the taxes more and the colonists became very offended in their way of physically enforcing. Colonists began opposing the British government and were known as patriots, fighting for their freedom from Britain. The Colonists wanted their own country at this point and that is when they decided to fight for it. It all began on April 19th, 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts where the first battle took place. This would be the first battle of many in the colonists fighting for their freedom. George Washington, a Virginia raised man was chosen by congress to lead the colonial forces into battle as the commander in chief. The first
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