The Revolutionary Sonata Hybrid

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For my advertisement I have chosen the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, in the picture the advertisers have slipped in their slogan and main idea for their ad on the lines followed by the corporation’s name, and the brand and model of the automobile which they are showcasing. In very small print, almost as if it’s done subliminally and intentionally, it whispers to the reader from the corner of the page, “New thinking for new possibilities.” This advertisement brightly portrays a rustic countryside of beautiful green trees and bushes softly backlit by the golden radiance of sunlight. Towards the middle of the page, a man well dressed in a suit and tie with a silver jet pack on his back is portrayed flying through the sky on his way to his job or an important conference. An androgynous character of what looks to be his wife waves good bye to him with a smile on her face from the balcony of a very large, architecturally contemporary, 4 story high glass and steel constructed home. In the forefront of the ad is the main star of the advertisement; an icy blue Sonata Hybrid. The Sonata Hybrid is placed on a drive way so that once can see the bed of tiny mulch of gravel with a border of stone. Attached with the statement, “New thinking for new possibilities,” and the image that accompanies it, leaves little room for uncertainty that the ad for the Sonata Hybrid by Hyundai was designed explicitly to attract to the reader’s pathos and ethos, while the advertisers use of trademark logos throughout this advertisement is questionable, The advertiser, Hyundai, is fixating on our pathos, or anguish, for the well-being for the planet Earth in this sustainable, eco-friendly, age of the 21st century. The whole purpose of this graphic image is to play to ... ... middle of paper ... ...he ad market is fixated more on a definite consumer group that is looking to purchase a hybrid vehicle, Hyundai or not. It would be fairly tough to make the argument that this advertising image depicts much, if any, logos. There is not much reason involved, at least not yet, with the imagery of a man strapped to his jet pack flying through the air in a suit and tie, off to a business conference or to his job. We do live in a contemporary age, but the jet packs speak to a more futuristic, than modern, civilization. This is a prime example that advertisers use such as forward thinking to capture our attention and it certainly does just that. The reasonable fallacy here can be found in the fact that although we may have the information to construct and use jet packs, we do not practice them in the general public on a daily basis as an accepted type of transportation.

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